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4 Apps that Every Homeowner Must Download before Starting a Renovation

4 Apps that Every Homeowner Must Download before Starting a Renovation

Smartphones have changed everything about our lives. From the way we communicate with people around the world to the way that we work, these small computers are powerful and amazing instruments.

When it comes to home renovations, your smartphone can make you smarter. You can find a world of information at your fingertips.

Here are some free apps that can help generate some ideas and make your renovation easier!


One of the most popular social media sites in the world, Pinterest tends to be devoid of the usual chatter and opinion. Originally created with the intention to spark creativity like an idea board or mood board, this application allows its users to organize ideas and then share it with others. In fact, there are billions of posts from people and companies all over the world that can be useful for your next project.

If you are looking to do a kitchen renovation and your kitchen is unusually small, there are thousands of images and links that can give you ideas. Not sure if you should install a claw-foot tub or a luxurious rain shower? Look on Pinterest. You are guaranteed that someone has had similar ideas and may have even created a board for ideas on how to best design their small kitchen or spa worthy bathroom.


Houzz is a one stop shop for someone looking to renovate their home.  Like Pinterest, Houzz is a website where you can browse millions of photos in an effort to spark ideas to incorporate in your home.  Once you’ve found enough inspiration to start your project, you can hire a professional straight from the database located on the same site.  Upon completion of your renovation, you can now shop for décor to complete the look.

A huge differentiator of Houzz is that while you’re browsing picture galleries for ideas on your next project, many times you may be looking at completed projects of contractors and home renovation companies.  You won’t need to worry if a contractor can really achieve the kitchen from the torn out magazine; instead you’re getting inspiration from his own work.  


HomeZada makes a home renovation easier. You are able to track the project timelines, budgets and expenses, and keeping a running to-do list. You are even able to project your total costs based on your budgets. It's like having a general contractor in your pocket.

One of the most frustrating parts of renovating your house is all of the moving parts. There are multiple contractors, money going out everywhere, and something going on at all times.  HomeZada lets you organize all of it in the palm of your hand.

Magic Plan

Take a picture, make a floor plan; it's that simple. Magicplan lets you create a floor plan as easily as taking a photo. You can mark doorways and windows so that you can see exactly how your house looks as a floor plan. You can even combine rooms for create a multi-space plan.

Being able to see a floor plan of your home with the new upgrades makes it easier for you to visualize where everything should be and how everything will fit. Magic Plan also allows you one step further and add everything from new cabinets, doors, to the furniture that you will put into the space so you can feel confident in your decisions.

Is this app going to be the definite direction, maybe not - but it allows you to understand possibilities!

Get These Apps

Using a smartphone for your renovation can help you to stay in control, reduce stress, and stay on budget. These apps are perfect for planning and executing your renovation quickly and relatively painlessly. Best of all they’re free and easy to use.  Try them today!


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