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Hiring The Right Contractor During the Pandemic

Hiring The Right Contractor During the Pandemic

When the Pandemic first hit and all non-essential businesses shut down, most home remodeling projects, existing and new, were put on hold. After months of quarantining at home, businesses started to open back up and renovations resumed. Following these guidelines will help ensure a safe, stress-free remodeling experience.

Do Your Research

Some construction companies may address their COVID-19 procedure on their website. You can also call and ask for any additional precautions you feel would allow you to be comfortable with anyone entering the home such as sanitizing hands before entering, maintaining a social distance, and wearing a mask. And while the contractor should address their protocols, you should also be aware of state and local guidelines.

Visit the company online to read reviews of other people who have detailed their experience with this company during the pandemic.

Contact-less Meetings

Talk to the contractor and ask if there are any virtual workarounds such as phone calls, email, or video calls for any estimates or design work. Some projects will require an onsite visit, but you may be surprised how much can be accomplished remotely.

Leave the House if Possible

Remodeling, pre-pandemic, was already a disruptive process. Now, you’re handling anxieties around social distancing, a full house, and managing to take conference calls with construction noise in the background. If possible, leave your home while work is being completed. But if you aren’t able to relocate, avoid the construction area and be sure to continue hand washing and sanitizing.

Pick a Lasting Project

Your dining room is no longer for eating and instead, it’s become the office and classroom. While it seems we'll be in quarantine forever, there's no reason to set up cubicles in your living room. Consider multifunctional spaces that can be used for many activities. Finishing basements that can function as a classroom and a playroom when schools aren't in session has been an extremely popular project. And with more people cooking and eating at home, remodeling your kitchen is a safe remodeling choice, especially if you'll be spending more time at home!

We have all spent a significant amount of time at home these past several months. Many families have realized the need to update or reconfigure their home for work, school, and play. By following our guidelines you can now safely and comfortably redesign your home to meet the new needs of your family in a way you can enjoy for years to come.

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Earlier in 2020, during the height of the pandemic, we recognized that homeowners may be apprehensive about letting us into their home to provide an estimate. This is understandable, especially if requesting estimates from multiple contractors. We needed to innovate and provide a solution to offer comfort and accurate pricing, without going on-site. As a result, we launched our Quick Quote tool! This intuitive system can collect all the necessary information for us to assemble an accurate quote for your project! Simply by providing measurements and some preferences, we are able to respond with a ballpark estimate.


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