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Planning a Big Project? When is The Timing in Your Favor?

Planning a Big Project? When is The Timing in Your Favor?

Building an addition, remodeling the kitchen, or any other significant construction projects can be exciting, trying, and a bit of a hassle. For most people, summer is the logical time to do renovations. The family is out of the house a great deal and the weather will cooperate with your contractor most days. But if you would like to save a bit of money and still get great work done, you might look at other times of the year.

The Spring and Summer Glut

For most contractors, the spring and summer are their busiest months. Homeowners and businesses are thinking about making changes, so contractors are in high demand.

Part of the problem with this is that the price for those contractors is also likely to be at a premium. During the fall and winter, many contractors are light for work, so that might be the best time to plan to work with one.

Planning Ahead

Contacting us in the summer to give you a proposal for the winter is an excellent option. We like to know that they will have work when the snow flies. It might be best to have money held in escrow, particularly if it is a large contract.

Some Projects Don’t Make Sense in the Off-Season

Getting a roof put on in February is likely to be a non-starter or extremely expensive. Putting in a pool in after December 1st is probably a bad idea. Talk to us about the best time to do your project. Ask about off-season rates versus peak season prices.

List of projects by season:

  • Additions, Dormers, etc. – Fall and early winter
  • Pools, Decks, Exterior Remodels – Fall and late spring
  • Kitchen, Bathroom, Interior Remodels – Late fall through early spring
  • Roof Replacement – Early fall and late spring
  • Heating Systems – Summer
  • Air Conditioning – Fall or winter

No matter what you do: Plan, plan, and plan again. It is the planning that will save you thousands in the end!


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